Hi there! I’m Anna 🙂
I have a degree in Fine Arts and I studied illustration at l’Escola de la Dona (School of Women) in Barcelona. I have been working as a professional illustrator for children and young adults’ books since 2014. Here you can see my publications so far, and some awards that have been given to my work.
You can contact with me at: anna.aparicio.catala@gmail.com.


  • ‘Nico et Ouistiti explorent les fonds marines’ (2019), text by Nadine Brun-Cosme, ABC Mélody Éditions
  • ‘Amaryllis’, text by Germán Machado (2019), Thule Ediciones
  • ‘La llegenda de Sant Jordi’,(2019) text by Núria Font, Cruïlla
  • ‘Nao sou mais bebe’,(2018) text by Ilan Brenman, Aletria Editora
  • ‘Vecinos’ (2018), illustrated by me and Ignasi Blanch, text by Ángel Burgas, Babulinka Books
  • ‘El robo del siglo’ (2018) text by Ana Alonso, SM
  • ‘Nuestro circo’ (2018), text by Fran Nuño, Takatuka Editorial
  • ‘El caballo de la plaza mayor’ (2018), text by Germán Machado, Kireei Publishing house
  • ‘Els músics de Bremen’ (2018), text by Lena Paúls, PAM Publishing house
  • ‘El gripau i els nens’ (2017), text by Ilan Brenman Takatuka Publishing house
  • ‘Aigua’ (2016), Babulinka publishing house
  • ‘La Blancaneu i els set nans polits’ (2015) Baula
  • ‘Rebequeries’ (2014), text by Susana Gómez, Takatuka Publishing house


  • Selected at the international Illustration Meeting Encontro Internacional de Ilustraçao de S.Joao da Madeira (Portugal), 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • Selected at the International illustration catalogue ‘Nami Concours’ (South Korea), 2017
  • Selected at the International illustration catalogue ‘Iberoamércia Ilustra’, 2016 and 2017
  • Winner of the Illustration Meeting Valladolid Ilustrado,  2018 
  • Selected at the Illustration Meeting Valladolid Ilustrado,  2016 and 2017
  • Selected as a short-listed candidate in the IV Illustration contest organized by Tragaluz Publishing House (Colombia), 2017